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How to use this module


Hi Nick,

Thank you for this module implementation, that helped much. I've some difficulty to use this module. I installed and enabled it without problem. Now i have an "Open Authentification" in the setting menu and i don't know how to registrer a provider and show the connexion page in theme for connexion

1- What should i write as information for (Identifier, Key, Secret). Can you give an exemple for facebook for exemple or else.

2- I use orchard default theme and how i'll show the connexion page where i enter password and user name.

Actually what i'm searching for is to implement a custom authentification without using UserPart (without creating users in orchard, the informations come from another database). So i'd like to use your implementation to see how you did the things :)

Sorry about these ennoying questions.

Thank you


Jetski5822 wrote Nov 18, 2013 at 10:38 PM

Hi Could you please repost over on - this site is obsolete. I moved to github 4 months ago.

I can help you over on github :)